5 Ways to Get Good Vibes in VCC

Good Vibes VCC

Here in Ventura County Coast, we’re all about good vibes all the time. From brewery hopping to extreme adventures, here are five fun things to do in Ventura County Coast!

1. Brewery Crawl – Ventura County Coast loves beer and beer-lovers love Ventura County Coast. It’s a daily love-fest here with so many cool craft breweries in the region, many of them walkable and very close to the beach.  From Surf Brewery to Barrelhouse 101 to Institution Ale and Anacapa Brewing, get your drink on (safely) and meet new beer-loving friends along the way.Channel Islands

2. Seafood Extravaganza – Nothing says good vibes like a great seafood meal, especially al fresco with the ocean as your backdrop. So be a little “shellfish” and treat yo’self! Top stops for fish fanatics include Lure Fish House with locations in Downtown Ventura and Camarillo. There’s Andrea’s Seafood, an insanely popular local spot in Ventura Harbor Village (order anything fried); and Rumfish Y Vino, a great date-night spot – be sure to reserve a table on their beachy-chic patio. If you feel like venturing out to Channel Islands Harbor, Sea Fresh always serves up the freshest catch from the Pacific and all around the world.

3. Adventure Awaits – With plenty of wide-open space and in close proximity to major cities like Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Ventura County Coast takes adventure to the extreme! Thrills await with race-car driving, skydiving, jet skiing, airplane flying lessons, parasailing, stand-up paddleboarding, ocean kayaking and camping on the rugged Channel Islands National Park. Check out more details on water activities along Ventura County Coast.

4. Local FlavorStrawberry Festival, Salsa Festival, Wine & Food Festival, Ventura County Farm Day, even a Banana Festival… the list of exciting events in Ventura, Oxnard, Port Hueneme and Camarillo never ends with events happening throughout every season of the year!


5. Beaches and Breaks – Of course, we can’t forget about the beautiful beaches here in Ventura County Coast. 42 miles of stunning coastline offers up some of the best surf breaks and most uncrowded, consistently warm and sunny beaches across California.  Check out the popular beach scene at San Buenaventura State Beach, but escape to Mandalay Beach in Oxnard for some private time where it’s just you and the sand dunes. If you want to have a picnic, play volleyball, or take a walk on pier that will bring you to a lighthouse, Port Hueneme is the way to go.

With so many options, your biggest problem will be finding time for it all! Whatever your vibe, you’re guaranteed to find it in the beautiful Ventura County Coast.

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