7 Beautiful Locations In Ventura County Coast



There is so much to do and things to see in Ventura County Coast! Throughout the county, there are beautiful locations with great views. Many places are picture perfect, so make sure you have enough space to take lots of pictures. Here are seven beautiful Ventura County Coast locations that you should visit.


  1. Pacific Coast Highway



The iconic oceanside highway passes through Ventura County. It’s an extremely scenic drive that shows off the beauty of the West Coast. PC: @b3rky

2. Port Hueneme Pier



If you think this view of the pier is cool, just wait until you get to the top. The pier is a must see location in Port Hueneme. It has the classic oceanfront view with a special Ventura County Coast touch. PC: @kefichick

3. Channel Island Harbor



In Oxnard, The Channel Island Harbor is a hub for oceanside activity. Watching boats navigate the waters, peering out toward Channel Islands, taking in the ocean views on the dock… It’s a site that offers a variety of views and you might even see a whale! PC: @alias_chosin

4. Surfer’s Point



As it’s named, Surfer’s Point at Seaside Park in Ventura is the place to be to catch a wave and to see a few awesome surfers doing the same, but better. Plus, you can see the Ventura Pier from just about anywhere. PC: @steve_cattanach

5. Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District


This collection of outdoor facilities has offers beautiful views of Camarillo. Throughout the parks and hiking trails, you will find that one spot that will have you snapping a few photos. PC: Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District

6. California Street



Right off of the CA 101, California Street is the spot for a great view. Head north toward Ventura City Hall, you can peer through Downtown Ventura all the way to the ocean. PC: @intljord

7. Camarillo Oak Grove County Park



Surrounded by amazing views, Camarillo Oak County Park is a great place to catch a good look of the nearby citrus groves with so many natural sights along the paths of the hiking trails. PC: @dam_nati0n

Plan a few nights in the county to discover these great views and more on your next trip to Ventura County Coast. Click here for the complete list of hotels and other places to stay in Ventura County Coast!