Fairy Tales in the Park




All of our Fairy Tales in the Park are outdoor shows. Most of our venues do not have shade, so sunscreen and hats are appropriate. Bring water, juice, snacks, picnics (the actors promise not to raid the picnic baskets). Blankets and low-slung chairs are recommended. We love Fido, but he will upstage the actors, so we ask that you leave him home if possible.

The shows are designed to run approximately 45 minutes, which coincides with the attention span of our target age group, 3-10 year olds. Of course, the young at heart will enjoy our shows as well, who doesn’t love to watch a child’s eyes light up as they watch (and meet) a character straight out of a book.

We are an all volunteer troupe and are very thankful for our publicity sponsors and our wonderful audiences who give so generously when we pass the hat at our performances. Please consider a donation to help us tell more families about our fun shows and keep our performances FREE.

2019 Line Up:
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