Get Extreme in Ventura County Coast

Attention weekend warriors: California’s adventure coast is calling.

With its stretches of rugged coastline and stellar panoramic views, Ventura County Coast is THE place to play and find your vibe. Roughly an hour and a half drive north of the LA area, Ventura County Coast offers a buffet of extreme outdoor activities – from skydiving to surfing a shipwreck site – that are sure to whet your appetite for adventure! Pair that with the area’s cutting-edge cuisine and range of lodging options and you’ve got yourself a thrill-worthy road trip not for the faint of heart!


…on some of the best surf spots around. With perfect conditions year-round, every day is a good day for a surf safari.


Beat the crowds at Port Hueneme Beach. Known for its consistently amazing breaks and pristine, uncrowded shoreline, Port Hueneme (pronounced why-NEE-me) is a reliable favorite for groms and seasoned surfers alike.

There’s a lot for novices to like about Mondo’s Beach. Just north of Ventura and known for its beginner-friendly waves and long rides, Mondo’s Beach is a great spot if you’re new to surfing or just want to take it easy on the mellower breaks. The glassier waters at Mondo’s Beach also make it a great spot for paddleboarders. While there aren’t facilities at this one, parking is free, making it a popular spot.

Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard is practically a household name in these parts, and its mile-long stretch of beach is split into 3 sections: The Jetty, The Bowl, and La Jenelle (named for the ill-fated steamer that was driven aground during a storm in 1970. The areas to the side (The Jetty and La Jenelle) are better for newbies, swimmers or boogie boarders with typical sets staying in the 3-5 foot range, while the Bowl’s rougher sandbar waves and larger swells are better suited to intermediates.

Made world famous by its namesake the Rincon Classic, Rincon Point State Beach is often called “The Queen of the California Coast,” and it’s not hard to see why it’s reigning surf royalty. Also divided into three sections, the point is south-facing, creating a beautiful right when conditions are ideal.

Located near the Ventura Pier, C Street/Surfers’ Point is also south-facing, with consistent, right-hand waves that curl around the point. This spot is beloved by longboarders and shortboarders alike due to its long, easy rides towards the pier.

Outdoor lover + Skydiving + Active + Camarillo 20

If surfing doesn’t fulfill your need for speed, you can always indulge

your inner adrenaline junkie with a skydiving tour. Let the stunning panoramic views of the coastline – and the freefall drop from a plane two miles up – take your breath away as you soar above lush mountaintops and deep blue bays at top speed.

Skydive Coastal California in Camarillo offers discounts for students and service members, and its expert instructors are known for their friendly, humorous approach to putting rookie divers at ease. Classes are 4-6 people and include 30 minutes of pre-flight instruction. You’ll also get an Insta-worthy 120 mph freefall video – not that you’ll forget the experience any time soon.

Already an advanced diver? Challenge accepted! Try your hand at freeflying, bellyflying, skyboarding, or even the new birdman suit! Bring a fellow thrill-seeker and share the experience of a lifetime with one of California’s most stunning stretches of coast as the backdrop.


Sky and surf not your vibe? Adventure-seeking landlubbers, look no further! Ventura County Coast is chock full of scenic bike paths and trails for cyclists of all skill levels.

No bike? No problem! Ventura Bike Depot offers an impressive selection of rentable bikes, including electric ones! Conveniently located steps away from the Ventura waterfront bike path on Main Street, stop in and get equipped with everything you need for an exhilarating excursion.

Ventura County Coast is home to some beautiful rides. The next step is deciding where to hit the trail (or the pavement)!


Camarillo: Looking for flat bike path with no cars? Calleguas Creek bike path runs 2 miles from Pleasant Valley Fields at up to the corner of Flynn and Upland Roads in Camarillo.

Oxnard: One of the most popular bike paths starts at the ocean side of Oxnard Beach Park at Mandalay Beach Road at Beach Way and tafkes you south all the way to Hollywood Beach and Channel Islands Harbor.

Ventura Beach Bike Trail: Meandering along the Ventura River and C-Street Promenade, this beautiful path takes you past Surfers’ Point, the Ventura Pier, and ends at San Buenaventura State Beach.

Omer Rains Trail: Beginning at San Buenaventura State Beach and skirting the shoreline to the waterfront promenade, this trail offers ocean breezes and ample opportunities to spot local wildlife.

Port Hueneme Beach: Perfect for people-watching, this path is perfect for beginners or anyone ready to soak in some sunshine.

With so many options, your biggest problem will be finding time for it all! Whatever your vibe, you’re guaranteed to find it in the beautiful Ventura County Coast!

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