Season 1: Episode 3 #VCCLIFE Takes on Jim Hall’s Kart Racing

Season 1: Episode 3 #VCCLIFE Takes on Jim Hall’s Kart Racing

In this week’s episode, #VCCLIFE host Rachel Moore heads to Jim Hall’s Kart Racing School in Oxnard, CA to take a ride on one of the longest running karting schools in America.

Watch the video here to find out if Rachel came in first place on the track!

What makes Jim Hall’s Kart Racing School so great?

Karting is one of the most popular forms of motorsports in which drivers race smaller four wheel vehicles both in outdoor and indoor tracks.

Jim Hall’s Kart Racing School is focused on being a resource for aspiring racers and an attraction for thrill seekers. As one of the most recognized karting schools in America, visitors can recreationally race on Jim’s outdoor track and learn about racing from experts.

About Jim Hall’s Kart Racing School

Double World Kart Racing Champion Jim Hall II established this school in 1982. Since then, the school has moved on to instruct over 50,000 students on how to tune up their racing skills and skim a few seconds off of their racing time.

A special thanks to James and Jim Hall’s Kart Racing School. This school offers instruction and recreational racing to racers, thrill seekers and large groups. It is an all-ages facility that does not require participants to have a driver’s license (but you have to be over 4’9” to have a go around the track.) They offer classes and general sessions. Call them at (805) 654-1329 or visit them online here!


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