Top 7 Surf Spots in Ventura County Coast


With perfect year-round weather and consistent great surf in Southern California, it’s no doubt that Ventura County Coast is the place to catch a wave. Gear up, grab your board and check out these top seven surf spots in Ventura County Coast!


1. Port Hueneme Beach

With consistent surf, Port Hueneme Beach is a trustworthy surf spot any time of the year. It is often uncrowded with plenty of peaks and an incredible beach break. Directions.

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2. Mondo’s Beach

Mondo’s Beach is north of Ventura and is a great spot for beginners of all ages. With an easy wave and equal long rides, Mondo’s is also good for those on longboards and stand-up paddleboarders. While there are no facilities here, the parking is free making it a popular spot for the locals. Directions.

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3. Silver Strand Beach

Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard is a favorite spot for the locals. It is a mile-long beach that is split into three sections: The Jetty, The Bowl and La Jenelle. The areas to the side (The Jetty and La Jenelle) are more suited for those new to surfing, swimming or boogie boarding due to its smaller waves and swells that typically stay around 3-5 feet.

The Bowl has much harder sandbar waves. You can catch the locals here any day, but the best time to visit is after the winter rainstorms that cause a nearby berm to break, causing swells to double in size. Directions.

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4. Rincon Point State Beach

Surfers come from all over the world to surf the famous Rincon Classic making it one of America’s top surfing destinations. Often called “The Queen of the California Coast”, Rincon offers three great locations that provide constant, steady, surf-able sets such as: The Cove, Rivermouth and Indicator. The point faces south that creates beautiful rights and is one of the best spots when a good swell comes in. Directions.

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5. ‘C’ Street/Surfers’ Point

Located near the Ventura Pier, ‘C’ Street/Surfers Point is one of the most known spots to surf in Ventura. With a point that faces south, the waves come from the west and curl around it making right hand waves that roll in consistently. It’s a popular spot for longboarders and shortboarders who want to catch a long wave towards the Ventura Pier. Directions.

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6. Emma Wood State Beach


Emma Wood State Beach draws surfers all year long. The left beach break at the south end of the park is known as Mushpots and J-Bowls is the right beach break at the northern end. There is also a reef break known as Ventura Overhead that breaks a quarter-mile offshore and only works with big winter swells. Experienced surfers wait for this as it only happens a few times a year, but when it does show up, it’s the best wave along the coast! Directions.

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7. County Line Beach

County Line Beach has good wave to surf all year around. Not only will you get amazing views of the California coastline, more often than not, you’ll see dolphins, seals and even whales. The swell can get big, but on average, there is a good wave for surfers of all levels to enjoy. It’s also a great spot for those to learn because of the different waves that break there. Directions.

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With so many great places to explore, you are going to want to stay a while. Click here for the complete list of hotels and other places to stay in Ventura County Coast!