The Top Five Vegan and Vegetarian Dining Destinations in Ventura County Coast


Worried about finding a great selection of dietary options while traveling? You don’t have to compromise your healthy lifestyle while in Ventura County Coast. VCC is known for its beautiful sights, shopping, and tasty, fresh farm-to-fork food! With so many spots to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to eat. Here are the top five vegan and vegetarian-friendly destinations to check out on your next trip to Ventura County!


1. Honey Cup Coffee and Kitchen

Hone Cup Coffee and Kitchen


Family run and locally owned and operated in Oxnard, Honey Cup Coffee and Kitchen serves specialty organic coffee and tea drinks, smoothies, delicious breakfast, lunch, tasty baked goods and gelato treats. While they do serve traditional meat-based items, they offer many vegan and gluten-free options, like the Hollywood Beach and Nice Cream, as well!


📷: @honeycupcoffeeandkitchen


2. The Taj Cafe

The Taj Cafe


The Taj Cafe in Ventura brings you traditional Indian village-style cooking with all the recipes from ancient times preserved with the same old taste. The chefs use all-natural spices and ingredients to create a variety of amazing dishes that are lean, healthful, and low in fat. They, naturally, have tons of vegan and vegetarian options.


📷: @mackenzie_fly


3. Harvest Cafe

Harvest Cafe


Harvest Cafe is a community-based, organic and locally-sourced cafe in Ventura that serves the healthiest possible cuisine from local, sustainable, and environmentally conscious sources. The cafe is a true farm-to-table restaurant serving only the freshest produce, arriving daily from farms in the Ventura area. From smoothies to sweet or savory bowls, and tasty entree items, Harvest Cafe has got it all!


4. Little Thai Fine Dining

Little Thai Fine Dining


Little Thai Fine Dining offers outstanding Thai cuisine in Camarillo. They are known for their modern interpretation of classic dishes and only use high-quality, fresh ingredients. Little Thai will happily accommodate vegans and vegetarians, so just let them know your dietary restrictions as you order so they can make the perfect dish for you to savor.


📷: @mylifemyrule08


5. Nature’s Grill & Juice Bar

Nature’s Grill & Juice Bar


Nature’s Grill in Ventura is a casual, American fare restaurant with a menu that is vegetarian- friendly featuring salads, veggie burgers, wraps, black bean and rice burritos, smoothies, and juices. Dairy items can be substituted with soy cheese or a vegan mayonnaise as well!


📷: @venturavegan


With so much to see and do, you are going to want to stay a while. Click here for the complete list of hotels and other places to stay in Ventura County Coast!