Best Places to Take Pictures in Ventura County Coast

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Discover the best places to take pictures in Ventura County Coast. Uncover the most breathtaking photo shoot locations, from County Line to Rincon Point and every place in between. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a social media influencer, this guide offers inspiration that will amaze your clients and followers. Explore the stunning vistas and perfect locations that our coastal community has to offer.

Pacific Coast Highway

Best places to take pictures in Ventura County, Sycamore Cove State Beach.

Sycamore Cove/Sycamore Canyon

Discover the picturesque beauty of Sycamore Cove and Sycamore Canyon, two stunning photo shoot locations on the Ventura County Coast. This popular spot is a favorite for TV shows and movies due to its captivating essence of California’s beach culture and lifestyle. Enjoy sandy shores, rocky outcroppings, and breathtaking sunsets. Across Pacific Coast Highway, Sycamore Canyon offers amazing trails with sweeping views, whale-watching opportunities, and scenic vistas. Remember to check the California State Parks website for permits if you’re a professional filmmaker or photographer working on commercial projects.

Pro Tip: Low tides and sunrise or sunset make this one of the best places to take pictures on the coast.

Mugu Rock

This iconic landmark is best known for it’s appearances on movies, television shows, and car commercials. This popular photography location features an amazing beach which provides scenic views of Mugu Rock while the south side of the landmark is the most widely photographed side of the monolith. Paid Parking can be located at the Point Mugu State Beach side while the monument itself has free parking. This is also a great location for whale watching during February through April as Gray and Humpback Whales hang around a steep ocean drop-off just off the point.

Pro Tip: There’s a few parking spots just south of the rock. You can also find parking spots further south on PCH that provide wide open and stunning views of this iconic landmark.

Mugu Rock is an iconic landmark which makes it one of the best photo shoot locations in Ventura County.


Camarillo Grove County Park

Camarillo Grove Park

Discover Camarillo Grove Park, a hidden gem nestled in an oak forest with dense chaparral, offering breathtaking views of lush orchards, rolling hillsides, and majestic mountains. The park’s scenic trails lead to a stunning viewpoint that will leave photographers and sightseers in awe. Whether capturing the beauty of nature or seeking the perfect spot for sightseeing, Camarillo Grove Park is a haven for both photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Pro Tip: Sunsets will paint a vivid picture of the countryside and mountain ranges.

Lewis Road/Las Posas Road

Experience the photogenic beauty of Camarillo’s lush agriculture scene set against the stunning backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains. This scenic region is a favorite location for car commercials, movies, and TV shows, showcasing its captivating charm. For the best views, face east towards the Santa Monica Mountains along Las Posas Road or Lewis Road, where you’ll find wide shots and mountain vistas worth capturing. Don’t forget to stop at the charming roadside fruit stands and savor the essence of this enchanting area while capturing its timeless allure with your lens.

Pro Tip: Sunsets will illuminate the Santa Monica Mountains and the fields in the foreground that will produce jaw dropping scenes.

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Sunrise in Camarillo off Las Posas Road. One of the best places to take photos in Camarillo
Air tours to Channel Islands National Park

Helicopter Tours

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Orbic Helicopters at Camarillo Airport. They offer air tours of Ventura County Coast and the mesmerizing Channel Islands National Park. Get ready for breathtaking aerial views that allow you to cover vast stretches of land in a short time, making it the ultimate photography and videography scouting experience.

Port Hueneme

Port Hueneme Beach Park

Hueneme Beach Park is an ideal photo shoot location with its bustling shipping port, lighthouse, iconic wooden pier, surfers, palm trees, and dramatic views of Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands. Whether using a cell phone or professional equipment, this Ventura County Coast beach offers a diverse and picturesque backdrop for creative projects, providing opportunities for dynamic shots, nostalgic captures, and breathtaking seascapes, making it an excellent choice for photographers seeking a beautiful and versatile setting.

Pro Tip: Clear days after a rain or Santa Ana wind event will give you the best island and big ship photos.

Port Hueneme Beach Park is a photo shoot location with stunning results making this one of the best places to take pictures in Ventura County.


Channel Islands Harbor is a great place to take pictures with Romance theme, engagements, and weddings.

Channel Islands Harbor

This area boasts two photogenic beaches on each side of the harbor, making it a picturesque destination. Sundays offer a vibrant certified farmer’s market with fresh produce and local foods, complemented by scenic dockside views. The Channel Islands Maritime Museum presents another opportunity for capturing unique photos in this seaside playground. For romantic engagement and wedding party photos, Venetian-style gondola rides and electric boat rentals are available on the harbor, providing delightful portside views that will please any shutterbug.

Pro Tip: Sunsets on clear days provide amazing island views.

‘olołkoy Beach Park

‘olołkoy Beach Park is a stunning location featuring a scenic bike path that hugs the sandy coastline and leads you to the picturesque Channel Islands Harbor. The park’s expansive sand dunes and abundance of palm trees provide a captivating setting for sunset photos and portrait sessions, adding a touch of natural beauty and serenity to your shots. As you walk north towards Oxnard Shores, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of surfers gracefully riding the waves, offering fantastic opportunities to capture dynamic and lively photos of these skilled athletes in action.

Pro Tip: The sand dunes and palm dotted landscape creates beautiful angles for wedding and creative photography.

Oxnard Beach Park


Ventura Harbor Village is a top spot to take photos in Ventura.

Ventura Harbor Village

Enjoy splendid views of the harbor, hillsides, and majestic Topa Topa mountains, providing natural beauty to every shot. Nearby are three stunning beaches overlooking the Channel Islands, offering a captivating coastal backdrop. February sunsets are particularly enchanting, with the sun setting directly behind the islands, creating an unforgettable scene.

Pro Tip: For the best mountain clarity and definition, visit the area after a big rain storm with clear to partly cloudy skies in the forecast.

Ventura Pier/Surfer’s Point

The area between Ventura Pier and Surfer’s Point offers a diverse range of photography opportunities. From capturing portraits, family moments, and nature scenes to the dynamic world of surfers in action, this stretch provides it all. Ventura Pier, a photogenic wooden structure, graces the scene, while the boardwalk and Cove offer a glimpse of classic California surfing and street photography. Moving further, Surfer’s Point Park and Surfer’s Point itself are perfect for high-performance surf shots. The best sunsets unfold during winter and spring, with the sun setting behind the islands. A bit more exploration leads to Ventura River Estuary, a haven for wildlife and natural habitat photography.

Pro Tip: For classic surf photos head towards the Cove near the Ventura Pier. For high performance surf photos head north towards Ventura County Fairgrounds.

Catch some waves at C Street Surf Break
Downtown Ventura at California St and Poli Street.

Downtown Ventura

Downtown Ventura is a photographer’s paradise, brimming with captivating locations to capture stunning images. The towering City Hall boasts remarkable architecture, making it a timeless backdrop for portraits and architecture photography. The Perry Mason Building on California Street radiates vintage charm and intricate details, a favorite among photographers. For a journey into history, the San Buenaventura Mission is a must-visit, offering enriching experiences and timeless photographic opportunities. Just across the street, Mission Park provides serenity and greenery, bordered by the Ventura County Museum and other historic landmarks. Whether you’re drawn to architecture, history, or nature, downtown Ventura diverse landscapes and subjects for photographers.

Pro Tip: Be sure to spend time here exploring. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover.

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Grant Park/Botanical Gardens

Ventura’s Grant Park, situated near Downtown Ventura, promises breathtaking views that will leave you in awe. Whether you choose to ride a bike or drive to the top, you’ll find yourself amidst panoramic vistas that showcase the beauty of the region. For a small entrance fee to the Botanical Garden, you can embark on a picturesque hike through lush local and Mediterranean gardens, making your way to the summit of Grant Park. As you ascend, the landscape will unfold before your lens, providing ample opportunities for stunning photography. Once at the top, you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of Ventura and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or an enthusiast with a camera, Grant Park’s breathtaking views and serene atmosphere make it a truly remarkable place to take photos and immerse yourself in the beauty of Ventura.

Pro Tip: Grant Park is one of the best places to capture lightning storms, nightscapes, and panoramic photos in all of coastal Ventura County.

Grant Park near Ventura Botanical Gardens.
Channel Islands National Park is a great photo location.

Channel Islands National Park

“Discover exceptional photography opportunities amidst abundant wildlife and sublime landscapes on the Channel Islands. Explore vibrant kelp forests, home to colorful fish, sea mammals, and migratory birds. Embark on a land-based adventure with Island Packers’ ferry rides to witness pristine landscapes, island foxes, bald eagles, harbor seals, and more!

Pro Tip: Capture out-of-this-world photos with stunning sunrise and sunset lighting by camping overnight on the Channel Islands. Don’t forget your scuba and snorkel gear to capture underwater shots of the majestic kelp forests.

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Visit these regions of Ventura County Coast

Port Hueneme
Channel Islands National Park


Ventura County Coast

Ventura County Coast is a string of four communities that radiate warmth from welcoming people and California sunshine. The region embodies the casual and active spirit of classic, where the seafood is fresh, the beer is handcrafted and the weather is the kind you dream about. Spend the day exploring miles of beaches, incredible harbors or lush green golf courses. Hop on a boat for a day trip to the Channel Islands National Park, where you can see breathtaking views of the Southern California coastline. With a bustling culture, high end and vintage shopping, a lively culinary spirit and beautiful outdoor experiences, Ventura County Coast calls on every visitor to find their vibe. From hiking and biking to sailing and snorkeling, from shopping and dining to just plain relaxing, Ventura County Coast will fill your days with a lifetime of memories.



An hour north of Los Angeles, Camarillo is nestled at the base of the Conejo foothills surrounded by verdant green fields and cool ocean breezes. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, enjoy Camarillo alfresco. From outdoor shopping and concerts, to delicious dining and fun events, Camarillo has it all. With small town charm and a rich history, it is the place for romantic weddings and corporate venues. Visit the historical sites and museums during the day, and walk along Old Town for dinner and drinks at night. A great getaway for everyone, Camarillo is the ideal place to Come for the Sun, Stay for the Fun.

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Rally your tribe and head for the Central Coast. California cool, panorama-perfect, culturally authentic and vibrant beyond measure. Oxnard is home to miles of pristine white sand beaches, electric nightlife, some of the best taquerias in the state, historic Victorian era architecture, the California Strawberry Festival, and an expansively picturesque harbor that serves as the closest access point to the Channel Islands National Park. Just sixty miles northwest of LAX and in close proximity to Santa Barbara and other major destinations, Oxnard is one of California’s best kept secrets.

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A place that embodies a casual soul and unexpected allure, Ventura is a vibrant town that checks stress and pretense at the door.  Its artistic culture, enduring history and privileged locale is crazy-inviting, very much alive, and refreshingly human.

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Port Hueneme

Port Hueneme

Just sixty miles northwest of Los Angeles, in the heart of the Central Coast, you’ll find Port Hueneme, the friendly city by the sea. Port Hueneme is the place for travelers looking to dig their toes in the sand, take a long walk, drop a fishing line off the pier or just kick back and relax. With walking and biking trails winding throughout the city and a perfect climate almost year round, you can revive your soul in Hueneme.

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Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park is an American national park that consists of five of the eight Channel Islands off the coast of the U.S. state of California, in the Pacific Ocean.

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