California Whale Watching: Explore The Wonders of the Pacific Ocean

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Get ready for an incredible adventure with California Whale Watching at the Channel Islands. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories to treasure forever. Explore this remarkable island chain and encounter a rich array of wildlife, from magnificent marine mammals to fascinating birds, fish, and land animals. Discover the best times and places to witness the majestic migration of nature’s giants along the stunning Ventura County Coast. Get ready to be captivated by awe-inspiring moments in the company of these magnificent creatures.

When to Go

Whale watching in Southern California is a year-round activity, with distinct seasons in winter and summer. Stay informed by consulting tour operators to track migrating species and plan your adventure along the Ventura County Coast. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for other fascinating marine mammals, as Southern California is teeming with diverse marine life.

December through April:
Gray whales and maybe even orcas if you are lucky! Humpback whales can start to arrive in the Santa Barbara Channel from their winter feeding grounds as early as February!

June through September
Humpback whales and occasionally blue whales, fin whales, minke whales and orcas.

All Year Round
We are fortunate to see the local resident species including the common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. We also can see Risso’s dolphins, Dall’s porpoise, and Pacific white-sided dolphins throughout the year as well.

Whale Watching in California

Where to go Whale Watching

The Channel Islands off the Ventura County Coast are the perfect destination for viewing the animal kingdom’s largest creatures. Discover the viewing spots, whether by boat or on land, and get ready for an unforgettable encounter with these magnificent creatures. While land spotting is a fun ocean activity, taking a tour by boat is the only way to get up close and personal whale watching opportunities.

California Whale Watching by Island Packers at Ventura Harbor and Channel Islands Harbor.

Island Packers

The official transportation concessionaire to Channel Islands National Park. Island Packers offers whale watch tours, wildlife cruises, and more with locations at Channel Islands Harbor and Ventura Harbor.

California whale watching at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Embark on a land based adventure in the majestic Santa Monica Mountains. Immerse yourself in stunning vistas and explore the extensive trail network, where prime spots like the Chumash and Sycamore Canyon trails await for incredible whale sightings. Don’t forget to equip yourself with high-powered binoculars or a telephoto camera lens to enhance your whale watching experience to the fullest.

Mugu Rock on Pacific Coast Highway is the Gateway to Ventura County Coast and the City of Camarillo California.

Mugu Rock

This iconic landmark is a renowned hotspot for California whale watching during February and March. Simply park your car and scan the horizon for whales, which can be spotted just offshore. Remember to bring your binoculars for an enhanced viewing experience!

Channel Islands Whale Watching Tours

Channel Islands Whale Watching

One of Ventura County’s most experienced wildlife tour operators. Visit their website for recent sightings, photo galleries, and tour schedules.

Wildlife trips with Dolphin, whale, and marine mammal viewing.

Channel Islands Marine Safari Adventures

Don’t miss out on the incredible experiences with dolphins, marine mammals, and birds offered by their expert-guided trips. Specializes in 1-2 hour harbor cruises and dolphin excursions.

Whale Watching expeditions at Channel Islands Expeditions

Channel Islands Expeditions

Channel Islands Expeditions opportunities for outdoor adventurers. Experience unique adventures exploring the Channel Islands, including their dedicated whale watching trips available from February to April.

Channel Islands Dolphin Adventures

Channel Islands Dolphin Adventures

Looking for an exclusive and personalized dolphin adventure and whale watch experience? Channel Islands Dolphin Adventures has great options! With public and private tours available, you can embark on a truly unforgettable journey on the water.

Channel Islands Tours: Private Whale Watching charters in California

Channel Islands Tours

Elevate your California whale watching experience with a private charter for an intimate encounter with whales and abundant marine wildlife. Enjoy the exclusivity of a max capacity of 6 passengers.

How to Spot Whales

How to spot a whale: Tale Fluke

1. The Tail Fluke

The tail fluke of a whale is a mesmerizing sight to behold during whale watching. Before diving, the massive tail emerges from the water, showcasing its unique pattern and shape. With a graceful arch, the whale highlights its fluke’s symmetry against the ocean backdrop. The tail’s powerful stroke propels the whale underwater, creating a majestic splash as it vanishes into the depths. This experience captures the sheer wonder of these magnificent creatures, showcasing their strength and elegance.

2. Breach

A whale breach is a breathtaking display of acrobatic behavior that is truly awe-inspiring to witness. With explosive power, the whale propels its massive body out of the water, creating a dramatic spectacle as it leaps into the air. It is a display of strength, agility, and grace as the whale twists and turns mid-air before crashing back into the water with a tremendous splash. The sight of a whale breach leaves spectators in wonderment and evokes a sense of excitement and admiration for these incredible marine creatures.

Gray Whale breaching the surface at Channel Islands National Park.
Whale spout spotted at Channel Islands National Park

3. Spouts

Whale spouts, also known as blows, are a fascinating sight to behold. As a whale surfaces to breathe, it forcefully exhales through its blowhole, creating a distinctive spout of water and mist in the air. The spout can vary in height and shape depending on the species of whale. It is a captivating moment, accompanied by a distinct sound, as the spout rises above the ocean’s surface. Watching a whale’s spout during a whale-watching adventure is really something. It’s like a signal that these incredible creatures are around, and you can’t help but be amazed by their sheer power and grace.

4. Spyhopping

Spyhopping is a remarkable behavior exhibited by whales during which they lift their heads vertically out of the water, keeping their bodies partially submerged. It’s as if they are peeking above the surface, exploring their surroundings and observing the world above the ocean’s surface. This unique action allows them to get a better view of their surroundings, including other boats, potential prey, or simply to satisfy their curiosity. Seeing a whale spyhop is truly mesmerizing, it gives you a rare peek into the intelligence and curiosity of these incredible beings.magnificent creatures.

Gray Whale spyhopping

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Ventura County Coast

Ventura County Coast is a string of four communities that radiate warmth from welcoming people and California sunshine. The region embodies the casual and active spirit of classic, where the seafood is fresh, the beer is handcrafted and the weather is the kind you dream about. Spend the day exploring miles of beaches, incredible harbors or lush green golf courses. Hop on a boat for a day trip to the Channel Islands National Park, where you can see breathtaking views of the Southern California coastline. With a bustling culture, high end and vintage shopping, a lively culinary spirit and beautiful outdoor experiences, Ventura County Coast calls on every visitor to find their vibe. From hiking and biking to sailing and snorkeling, from shopping and dining to just plain relaxing, Ventura County Coast will fill your days with a lifetime of memories.



An hour north of Los Angeles, Camarillo is nestled at the base of the Conejo foothills surrounded by verdant green fields and cool ocean breezes. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, enjoy Camarillo alfresco. From outdoor shopping and concerts, to delicious dining and fun events, Camarillo has it all. With small town charm and a rich history, it is the place for romantic weddings and corporate venues. Visit the historical sites and museums during the day, and walk along Old Town for dinner and drinks at night. A great getaway for everyone, Camarillo is the ideal place to Come for the Sun, Stay for the Fun.

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Rally your tribe and head for the Central Coast. California cool, panorama-perfect, culturally authentic and vibrant beyond measure. Oxnard is home to miles of pristine white sand beaches, electric nightlife, some of the best taquerias in the state, historic Victorian era architecture, the California Strawberry Festival, and an expansively picturesque harbor that serves as the closest access point to the Channel Islands National Park. Just sixty miles northwest of LAX and in close proximity to Santa Barbara and other major destinations, Oxnard is one of California’s best kept secrets.

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A place that embodies a casual soul and unexpected allure, Ventura is a vibrant town that checks stress and pretense at the door.  Its artistic culture, enduring history and privileged locale is crazy-inviting, very much alive, and refreshingly human.

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Port Hueneme

Port Hueneme

Just sixty miles northwest of Los Angeles, in the heart of the Central Coast, you’ll find Port Hueneme, the friendly city by the sea. Port Hueneme is the place for travelers looking to dig their toes in the sand, take a long walk, drop a fishing line off the pier or just kick back and relax. With walking and biking trails winding throughout the city and a perfect climate almost year round, you can revive your soul in Hueneme.

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Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park is an American national park that consists of five of the eight Channel Islands off the coast of the U.S. state of California, in the Pacific Ocean.

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